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Visit the Bike and Hike Oman Blog to stay updated with the latest cycling and hiking trends. Here we bring you lots of interesting blogs related to hiking or biking in Oman.

Biking Tours

5 Reason Why You Have to Plan a Cycling Holidays in Oman

Bike and Hike Team|Wed, 29 Aug 2018

Most people don’t add Oman to their cycling vacation destinations. We’re here to tell you the 5 reasons why you definitely should. The desert landscape of Oman doesn’t sound like the perfect venue for a cycling holiday – especially if you live in Europe where you have the famed mountains of France and Italy, plus the varied terrain of mainland Spain and its neighbours as rivals much closer to home. However, with just a few more hours in the air, you’ll find a cyclist’s dream with empty roads, great tracks, mountainous tarmac and a wide variety of landscapes. The travel industry is cottoning on to the attraction of cycling in Oman, with many hotels tying up with tour providers like Bike and Hike Oman to launch cycling holiday package that incorporates accommodation with rides on the best roads the region has to offer. You can even plan your own itinerary if you don’t fancy setting out on group tours. Want to get ahead of the curve? Here are five reasons why you need to make Oman your next stop for a two-wheeled holiday.

Hiking Tours

Why You Have To Plan a Hiking Trip On The Weekend

Bike and Hike Team|Thu, 21 Jun 2018

Even though going trekking is an exciting experience, it is not possible to regularly get away from you hectic schedule. However, short micro adventure like going hiking over the weekend is a fantastic way to revitalizing your life by immersing yourself in a little excitement amidst nature. Besides its a super easy way to plan a short break over the weekend so your can start the next week on a fresh note. Whether with friends or on your own- here are 10 reasons to plan a hike this weekend.