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The company was established in 2012 with the goal of promoting professional cycling and hiking tours in the country. From the beginning the focus was on maintaining the highest standards of safety as we introduce our guests to the Omani countryside and its marvels.


We’re passionate helping you explore Oman via biking and hiking, and thus our tours are a carefully crafted combination of cultural adventures and physical challenges. Everything has been considered; the route, the tracks, the accommodation, the food, the flow of the day and more.


We try to ensure each tour is unforgettably packed with fantastic routes, spectacular scenery, delicious food and amazing company. We take great care and pride in crafting experiences you’ll savour and memories that will last a lifetime.


Currently offering a range of guided adventure, leisure, and cultural tours Bike and Hike Oman has become the leading name for cycling or hiking tours in Oman.