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Top Mountain Biking Tours in Oman

By: Bike and Hike Oman

The Sultanate of Oman is the perfect place to combine a cycling tour with some of the best sights in the Middle East. Mountain bicycling tours takes us through dusty paths, hilltop villages, and hidden Wadi, while along the way we may come across bustling busy cities which offer a taste of the country and empty desert roads where the communities are sparse and nomadic and the landscape vast and spectacular. And if the idea of open exercise and explorations under the open skies are not enough you can even explore the Alfaj irrigation systems found all over that have been deemed World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. There lie vast undiscovered trails suitable for mountain biking in Oman that offer a challenge to experienced mountain bikers who want to ride the adventurous routes through some of the most spectacular places on Oman. For those who are looking to enter into the world of Mountain biking too, Oman presents an opportunity like no other with a wide variety of both easily traversable and strenuous trails that offer all cyclists an opportunity to improve their skills while discovering the countryside or rather the mountainsides.


Canyon Bike Tour

This intermediate difficulty tour starts near Al Hamra, and takes cycling through the ruins of Tanuf and onwards to the Qashah Village via the Qashah Wadi. The tour should last a maximum of around three hours after which cyclists can enjoy a picnic lunch at Qashah Village before disbanding to go their own way.

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Jabal Misht Bike Tour

This full-day mountain biking tour is an advanced level tour for experienced cyclists, we visit some of Oman’s greatest natural wonders including scenic Wadis (valleys), green hills, serene oasis, majestic mountains, and quiet villages tucked away in the countryside. Starting at the base of Wadi Ghul, the path changes from steep off-road trails to paved roads making stops at the Dhum oasis, Jebel Misht, the village of Sint, Wadi Al Ala, on to the end of the main valley from where we continue cycling over a smaller mountain and further downhill and finally back to Al Hamra.

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High Altitude Bike Tour

Advanced level mountain cyclist can choose to take on this full day cycling tours that takes them through smooth asphalt paths towards the highest peak of the Al Hajar Mountain range, Jebel Sham. Cyclists ride high up enough to be able to view the rim of the largest canyon in the Arabian Peninsula, the Jabal Shams which sits at a depth of 1000 meters, before returning post lunch.

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Mountains Village Bike Tour

Entailing long distance high altitude biking in the mountains of Oman, the Mountain Village Bike Tour is not for the faint of heart. Cyclists will pass numerous villages and farmlands, and the route includes crossing through Sharaf Al Alamyin, while making a stop at the Tanuf Mineral Water Factory to take a tour of it. This advance level tour takes cyclists through long stretches on the hilly roads here, sometimes biking downhill on off-road tracks, through the winding mountain paths. The last stop on this seven to eight-hour tour is a rooftop café near the Al Hoota Caves, where cyclists can unwind and revitalise themselves, enjoying the spectacular view from the cafe before continuing to the end of the tour.

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So go on and plan your next Mountain Biking Tour in Oman, and if you are still confused then, our experienced professional guides with their expert trail advice can lead you or your group through stunning mountains or terrains to satisfy your adventure seeking spirit without any risk of harm.