Bike and Hike Oman

Our Company

Bike and Hike Oman was established in 2012 as a new branch of an established Omani group of companies with the goal to offer professional cycling and hiking tourism in Oman.

Our company is thus part of one of the largest tourism businesses in Oman and with its more than 40 years of experience able to offer the most complete and perfect care to all visitors of the country.

The first base of Bike and Hike Oman was established at The View hotel, a property as well belonging to the same group of companies. It is situated in Al Hamra a small oasis in the Hajar mountains. From there the company offers since autumn 2012 guided tours with its full suspension mountain bikes and hikes which have been completely newly created by Bike and Hike Oman and have never been done before and are unique in the country.

The exploration of and getting to know the Omani culture and heritage plays an at least equal role to the delight of sports and exercise under the southern sun.

From the beginning the focus was on quality and safety adapting the standards as far as possible to those in Europe.

Also already since 2012 Bike and Hike Oman presents itself with an own stand on the EUROBIKE cycling trade show in Friedrichshafen, to raise greater awareness for its offers and Oman in the cycling scene.

The goal is to develop all of Oman in terms of cycling and hiking and offer professional tour products and packages to fully exploit the potential of this vast and beautiful country.